Who we are.

GPS3 rear unit : Inteletrack

Compact Portable Cab unit : Inteletrack

Dual Dragging Equipment Detector : Inteletrack

INTELEtrack's engineers have been involved in the development of specialized test-instrumentation and safety systems for mining, railway and manufacturing applications since 1986.

In 1992, Tegno-Plan began designing and manufacturing radio telemetry equipment for use by Spoornet and foreign railways on air-braked freight trains.

Intensive research and development and proven manufacturing expertise, supported by sophisticated computer-based systems, provides a solid foundation for Inteltrack's services to industry. Quality of product and service is the hallmark of Inteltrack's activities, while the use of the latest relevant technologies ensures the supply of rugged, reliable products, ideally suited to their operating environments.

The name INTELEtrack stands for
INformation, TELEcommunication and tracking.

GPS3 Compact rear unit : Inteletrack

One Touch fixed Mount Cab Unit : Inteletrack