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GPS3 rear unit : Inteletrack

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The Original Telemeter
Manie Bernard, managing director of INTELEtrack, designed the first Telemeter, known as an end-of train device, in 1983. To date more than 1000 telemeters have been supplied to the railways, currently in daily operation on freight trains.

High Tech Telemeters
The first telemeters only measured the air brake pressure at the end of a train and send it via radio to the cab unit. The latest model of the telemeter incorporates GPS for tracking and GSM to communicate with the base station.

For the Saudi Arabia telemeter system, a wireless derailment detector (DED) was added to combat regularly derailing of wagons in the Arabian desert sand on the track. The DEDs assist the train driver to know that all wagon wheels are on the track.

Satellite Signalling
Particularly for African continent conditions INTELEtrack developed a system that tracks trains safely and cost effectively by GPS satellite positioning. Communication back to the dispatcher is via a satellite SMS bi-directional message system. The position of the train is send every 10 minutes and plotted on a line diagram of the rail on a graphic screen. Track warrants can be issued by the click of a mouse.
New systems automatically send the message via GSM network or, should that not be available, by satellite.

Wagon Tracking
INTELEtrack can track rail wagons using RFID tags specifically designed for the railways, or via satellites in remote areas.

GPS3 Compact rear unit : Inteletrack

One Touch fixed Mount Cab Unit : Inteletrack