Dragging Equipment Detectors : Single

Single DED Detector.

The Inteletrack DED - Dragging Equipment Detector consists of a mechanical device with automatic reset-able detector plates inside and optionally outside the railway tracks on either side. As the dragging equipment passes over the detector plate, the detector is activated and starts transmitting the emergency code consisting of the detector plate number, which side of the track was activated and the detector's battery status.

The unit can be used with the Inteletrack Telemeter system, or as a stand-alone unit with an optional interface to standard signaling systems. If the system is used with the Inteletrack Telemeter system, operation is as follows. When the rear Telemeter unit passes the detector plate and the plate is triggered, the low cost electronic detector unit will be activated for a certain time. The rear telemeter unit then receives this message and transmit the alarm to the cab unit located in the front of the train with the train crew. The alarm is logged in the memory of the cab unit. The DED system can also be fitted with a long range radio and power source to send messages directly to the cab unit. The low cost electronic detector unit of the DED will operate for more than ten years with its internal battery. The installation is simple and only requires the removal of ballast rock underneath the rail and the clamping of the DED to the railway line. No power or wiring is required.

-Cable connection or Radio link on Trigger.
-Customized to fit on/in most type of rails.

Single DED (Dragging Equipment Detector) : Inteletrack

Single DED (Dragging Equipment Detector) : Inteletrack

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Inteletrack Single DED