End Of Train Telemeters : Remote Head

Remote Head.

The Inteletrack Remote Head is a visual extension of the AAR Cab Unit. Its application is aimed at scenarios where the Cab Unit is mounted away from the loco drivers visual equipment, such as a closed mounting rack.
In this case the Remote Head will provide the MMI (Man Machine Interface) interface to the Cab Unit and will have the same feel, functionality and information as the Cab Unit.

It connects directly to the Cab Unit via a cross-over Ethernet cable or through a hub with a straight Ethernet cable.

It will accept partial as well as full DGI (Differential Graphic Information) packets as per TFR specification document BBF0334 which implies it will be compatible to all equipment adhering to that specification including other equipment supporting TCS (Train Communication System).

Data interface: Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s TCP/IP.
Data connector: RJ-45.
Power requirements: 12V DC, 1A.
Remote Head IP Address:
Cab Unit IP Address & Port: : 9760.
Size (WidthxHeightxDepth)mm: 195x67x45mm

To be mounted in a housing supplied by the client or the locomotive's driver console.

Remote Head : Inteletrack