End Of Train Telemeters : One Touch Fixed Mount Cab unit. (CDU)

One Touch fixed Mount cab unit (CDU)

The new INTELEtrack TELEMETER is an end-of-train monitor system. The system measures the air-brake pressure or vacuum at the end of the train and transmits the information to the driver in the cab via a radio link. This new version of the telemeter is designed according to AAR S-5701 specifications. A complete telemeter system consists of a cab unit mounted or stowed in the cab of a train where the crew operates and a rear unit mounted with a clamp on the last wagon of the train. The INTELEtrack Telemeter system is designed to be a simple, rugged and reliable system. Maintenance is done through changing the modules.
Also refered to as the TDU (Cab Display Unit) or HOT (Head Of Train).

  • Size of display module: 130 mm x 40 mm
  • Size of pressure display character: 20 mm
  • Display Function:
  • Pressure Display
  • Cab Battery display is hours.
  • Rear Battery display in hours
  • Rear Flasher On/Off
  • Communication Status
  • Cab and Rear Speeds
  • Train Length
  • Train Slack ( run - out length)
  • Train Integrity.
  • Time
  • ID number of rear unit.
  • Buttons and LED's
  • Emergency Push button (Left of Display)
  • Three button menu select (Right of Display)
  • Point Clear and Train Complete
  • Blue LED for Alarm and GPS receiver
  • Buzzer for alarms
  • Communications:
  • UHF or VHF Radio to rear unit ( 5 Watt)
  • Ethernet to remote head or onboard computer.(TFR protocol)
  • AAR basic with TFR GPS protocol expanded protocol.
  • Data Logger
  • Built-in data logger with optional GPRS reporting
  • Unit size:
  • Fix unit size: 195 mm x 64 mm x 162 mm
  • Also available in portable version with batteries.

  • Emergency Brake function.
  • Wide range of operational frequencies.
  • Can be mounted in a housing with a battery to be used a portable unit.
  • Can be programmed to act as a RF repeater in a yard or the field.

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