End Of Train Telemeters : GPS3 Repeater Unit / Portable 'Fixed' Cab.

GPS3 Repeater Unit
Portable 'Fixed' Cab

The 'Fix One Touch Cab Unit' can be mounted into a portable housing, and re-programmed to act as a repeater for the communications between the Rear and Cab unit if the Radio communication is not good or the train is to long.It has a build in battery and UHF/VHF Antenna build-in to be a complete unit.

The unit will receive messages from the rear telemeter unit and re-transmit it to the Cab unit, effectively double the transmittion distance.

Same for 'a 'Update Request' or 'Emergency Brake Application' message to be send from the Cab unit to the rear unit. In a moving system, this repeater may be placed inside a locomotive that is placed in the middel of a long train.

The unit can also be installed into a building or trackside housing at a yard or elsewhere the communications is not good.

In this case the unit may be powered from a 220Vac-12Vdc Power supply and unit's the antennas may be brought out, to be mounted outside the building/housing.

Fixed Cab Unit
The unit can be used (with the original Cab unit software on it) also in a Locomotive Cab unit where there is not a Fixed Telemeter installed. This may be the case for visiting or other locomotives, or where a client does not have enough telemeters to fit into each of there locomotives.

The unit can be 100% self-containing with it's build-in battery and UHF/VHF/GPS antennas or this antennas can be 'extended' to be magnetic mount or fixed mount antennas on a cab unit's roof.

In this case the unit will then just have some RF connectors on it and all the RF cable will plug into the unit. If there is power available in the Cab unit, the unit can also be configured to use the 2v(13.8Vdc) or 72Vdv(with the aid of a extra power supply or DC-DC converter), then there is no need to recharge the unit on a long trip.

Repeater unit / Portable fixed unit : Inteletrack