End Of Train Telemeters : GPS3 Compact Rear Unit. (SBU)

GPS3 Compact Rear Unit. (SBU)

The new INTELETRACK TELEMETER is an end-of-train monitor system. The system measures the air-brake pressure or vacuum at the end of the train and transmits the information to the driver in the cab via a radio link. This new version of the telemeter is designed according to AAR S-9152 specifications.
A complete telemeter system consists of a cab unit mounted or stowed in the cab of a train where the crew operates and a rear unit mounted with a clamp on the last wagon of the train. The INTELETRACK Telemeter system is designed to be a simple, rugged and reliable system. Maintenance is done through changing the modules.
Also known as the SBU (Signal & Brake Unit)

1. Size of rear unit: Box 260 mm x 160 mm x 100 mm .
2. Weight 8 Kg with clamp.
3. Modules
3.1 Microprocessor. :
3.2 GPS.
3.3 GSM / GPRS.
3.4 Pressure transducer - Air pressure to 700 Kpa. Vacuum to - 90 kpa.
3.5 Valve for rear brake application.
3.6 Battery capacity for 50 hours of service.
3.7 Data logger.
3.8 VSWR meter for antenna.
3.9 Radio with RSSI output.
3.10 Pressure, battery and system status display.
3.11 Rear flasher.

4. Functions
4.1 Reports pressure to AAR specification.
4.2 Report vacuum to TFR specification.
4.3 Report GPS information to TFR specification.
4.4 Point Clear.
4.5 Train integrity .
5. Tracking and Logging
Comprehensive logging of the status of the rear unit and reports via GPRS to server.

-Emergency Brake function.
-Wide range of operational frequencies. VHF and UHF.
-Air generation to charge battery continuously.
-Wireless derailment detector (DED) receiver
-Service Brake.
-Dual pipe monitor.

GPS3 Compact Rear unit : Inteletrack

GPS3 Compact Rear unit : Inteletrack

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Inteletrack GPS3 Compact Rear Unit