Wagon / Loco / Asset tracking

Railcar (Wagon) Tracking.

Wagon tracking tag. Mounted on the side of a wagon.

The Railcar Tracker consist of a satellite transponder that is mounted in a rugged bracket and is power by solar energy.

Many tracking devices are available that using GSM as the communication medium. The problem in Africa and many other places is that there is big areas where no GSM coverage is available and therefore there are many areas conventional GSM trackers simply does not work and does not report.

INTELEtrack had tested the units where they is mounted at the side or a railcar, and we had receive 100% coverage/reporting in test running now over two months with intervals of as low as 15 minutes while the asset is moving and when stationary it can report every 12 or 24 hour's. All of this intervals can be setup.

Although the tags is mounted on the side of a rail car, the internal battery is charged by solar 100% successful.
The basic tracking unit can be expanded into a telemetry unit that can monitor door open/close events, fuel levels or even locomotive parameters using the modbus interface.

Inteletrack Satelite wagon and asset tracking in Southern Africa

Download the railcar whitepaper

Inteletrack Railcar tracking whitepaper.