Inteletrack Software.


Track Warrant.

The base station software run's on standard PC's.
Up to 40 stations and 10 trains can be manage on one computer by one operator. The railroad is shown as a line diagram with markers where all the trains is and there status, speed, warrants and any special occupations. Special occupations like 'Broken rail sections' and 'Worker on the line' can be created, to prevent the operator of issuing a Warrant over a sections where is not save for the train or workers on the line.

Special speed restrictions for a sections (Defined from any kilometre mark to a kilometre mark) can be created, where the rail may be in a bad condition, or if workers work at the side of the rail.

The operator can issue a warrant or Authority to any driver with the few clicks of the mouse and the software will prevent a warrant to be created when another train is in that section or another warrant is overlapping.

The software can be integrated with the satellite tracking units to show the realtime (10 minute intervals) positions and speed of a train.

The software is customized to the Trackwarrant rules of the company and the forms created in the style the operators and drivers know.

Inteletrack Track Warrant.

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