End-Of-Train Telemetry

Overview : End-of-train-telemetry

The EOTT consists of a CDU (Cab Display Unit) or Cab unit that displays the information to the train driver, and an SBU (Signal & Brake Unit) that is mounted on the last wagon of the train. Both the CDU and SBU are fitted with GPS receivers and GPRS capabilities to report it location and other vital information to the client's server and server as a tracking device for the equipment and the train.

Inteletrack EOTT Telemeter working

The system has the following features:

- Pressure display
- Train integrity
- Speed of locomotive and last wagon
- Length and change in length of train
- Automatic block clearance
- Tracking of SBU via GSM network
- Logging in SBU and CDU
- Emergency brakes
- Service brakes from last wagon
- Air generator

Introduction to End-of-Train Telemeters and Advanced End-of-Train devices.

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