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GPS3 rear unit : Inteletrack

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Welcome to INTELEtrack, specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced railway electronic engineering and data communication solutions.
Established in 1998, we incorporate GPS tracking, GSM communication, SMS and RFID systems, among others, to create niche railway technology solutions for applications such as end-of train device, brake control, optimising train length, tracking, logging and positioning of railways systems

INTELEtrack world standards

In 1983 Manie Bernard designed the first Telemeter, at the time described as the Technological breakthroughs that keep SATS ahead.
INTELEtrack is proud of our ISO 9001 accreditation. We are yearly audited to ensure compliance to this world standard of quality.
Our technological innovation footprint has spilled over into several other applications such as fridge temperature monitoring underground miner tracking , to mention but a few.

INTELEtrack world standards

INTELEtrack inventions, innovations, equipment, systems and services are being applied across the globe on several continents in countries that include Malaysia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Chili, Gabon, Mozambique and Zambia, to mention but a few. We are currently expanding into India and Iran. In our quest for excellence and improvement INTELEtrack engineers are committed to R&D to challenge the boundaries of the possible and continually open up new technological applications in the railroad environment.

Introduction to End-of-Train Telemeters and Advanced End-of-Train devices.

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GPS3 Compact rear unit : Inteletrack

One Touch fixed Mount Cab Unit : Inteletrack